Thursday, 28 August 2008


Drank a bottle of Ribera del Duero last night at a tapas restaurant in Sheffield with Anna, Chris, Toni and Ronny. It was all you can eat for ten pounds.
My first drop of wine from this region so very excited.
An area not as famous as Rioja which everyone has heard of, yet there are some very famous and expensive wines produced here just up the river from the famous port producing areas of Douro.
2004 Portia Ribera del Duero
Made from 100% Tempranillo grapes. The wine we tried was a nice dark black cherry red in colour with rich dark fruit flavours and complexity added from the considerable time spent in american oak barrels. The bottle aging has been well spent and the result is a very smooth wine with great savoury length.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Gamay is a vigorously growing grape variety and is highly acidic unless it is carefully crafted by the winemakers. The grape is used to make Beaujolais and is suited to similar growing conditions as Pinot Noir. I can't wait for November to come round and the latest batch of Beaujolais Noveaus 2008 being released!

2007 Vin De Pays De L'Ardeche
Cave De Saint Desirat
Brilliant value easy summer drinking. A pale purple colour with a strong and very characterful aroma of bubblegum, plasticine, jam and soft fruits. A highly aromatic red wine on the palate as well- the soft and light body gives way to refreshing bite.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Good Viognier.

Viognier is a fairly unusual grape and is not really drank in large quantities The best known area for fine Viognier is Condrieu in the Rhone Valley although very good examples are also produced in New Zealand and Australia. Im a great fan of Viognier and I have been drinking it with my dad.

2006 Saint Ferreol Viognier

This is excellent with a really high extract of flavour and body but with a touch of citrus acidity to liven it up. Rich luscious melon and a honeyed aroma with rich full bodied and smooth palate. The rich and creamy texture comes from the battonage stirring and french barrel aging used in the winemaking and it is well balanced with medium acidity and nectarine fruit. Very high quality wine.

BBR 94/100

Friday, 22 August 2008

Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde, a region producing red and white wines but mainly famous for the refreshing whites.
On a memorable sailing trip in Portugal sailing from Faro to Lisbon, we stopped off at lovely little ports along the coast drinking lots of vinho verde with sardines.

2007 Quinta Azevedo
Single estate Vinho Verde.
Lovely Aromatic and refreshing summer white.
Clean and clear white With a slight fizz and a touch of citrus, green apple like acidity.
on the nose there is lime, grapefruit and pears with a slight floral perfume.
There is crisp finish to this elegant wine.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Visit to expensive wine shop

In Sheffield there is an interesting little wine shop which seems to do most if not all of its reselling to extreme wine buffs and wealthy people as well as overseas and it even advertises quite a lot on wine searcher.
The small selection of wines that they have on offer are all absolute bombs from Burgundy, Bordeaux, Ribera del Douro, Barolo just for some
examples. I mean really, they had all the first growth Bordeauxs and incredible Burgundies including Lalou Leroy. Amazing to see all the priceless wines sourced from this little shop. One of the two partners, Adrian was very able to describe the
greatness of some of these bottles to me, although there was no tasting to be had, obviously im not drinking from these shelves!
I came away feeling a little strange about the experience. Maybe I will go to one of their many organised tasting evenings.
I fancy the Pinot Noir and Riesling one, although I will be away then so cant.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

broken bottle

We all went to the Kabal vs Scuba Where house party last night.
An excellent music event at a disused office building in the centre of Shef. Two rooms of music with plenty of area to hang around with friends and talk.
An online apology to Megan here. Sorry Megan. I dropped her bottle of Chasse du pape Chardonnay Viognier while attempting to open it in a very half baked way! All that was left was a few dregs which we drank from a mug.

Friday, 15 August 2008

06 Alana Estate Pinot Noir

A barbeque evening. Layed a blanket down on the lawn and tried to make the most of the sunshine as it retreated. We had jo round and tried to watch a film on my laptop. Half way through the power went off and I spent ages fixing it.

06 Alana Estate Pinot Noir
A clear but dark colour in the glass and quite full bodied. Fresh and crisp on the palate with intense savoury character and a smooth long finish. This wine comes from Martinborough and you can notice the New Zealand famous fully ripened fruit and sweet savoury elements from the area.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

white wedding wine

Home and wedding wine
Great to be back at home with the family and great to see everyone again.
Dad is currently drinking lots of Rhone Viognier which is great.
Viognier is a grape that I drank quite a lot of in New Zealand, one memorable wine was a luscious and rich example from Trinity Hill, Hawkes Bay.
Dad has chosen a Rhone Viognier for our wedding white wine. We have tasted this and it is superb. Will post a description when we have tried it on the day!

06 Firesteed Pinot Noir

Ambrose had me round to tea. I was very glad to be invited over as our kitchen is currently in a state of pigsty chaos . We are as a result unable to feed ourselves anything warm.
We had a nice evening, and i picked up some things from the supermarket on the way over.
Bought this bottle from a great wine shop in Leeds.
As you will find out in this blog, I have an affection for Pinot Noir and this was my first taste of a wine from Oregon.
Oregon is on a favourable lattitude for growing Pinot Noir, just the same as both Burgundy in France and Central Otago, New Zealand.

Firesteed pinot noir 2006

Lovely light red colour in the glass,
soft red fruits on the nose with a gentle coffee aroma. On the palate, the wine is soft with
balance raspberry and cherry notes and a lovely balanced liquourice savour nature.
Excellent, gold quality Oregon wine.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Cotes du ventoux

A family event took us to London where we had a fantastic time watching Romeo and Juliet and enjoying a lovely meal at the Wallace collection.
Top wine for me during the meal was a bottle of Cote du ventoux 2006. A sophisticated Rhone village wine with great depth of Blackberry and dark fruits with a subtle spiciness and great length.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Berry Bros

This is one of the must visit places in London for a wine drinker.
They keep the wine in famous Georgian Vaulted wine cellars deep underneath the shop in St James and they stretch right
under the street. Very intrerested in this, I attempted to visit these cellars, but upon visiting the shop I came across
stringent rules forbidding access to the public.
It was a shame as you can imagine I had visions of me wandering the georgian cellars admiring the dusty vintages, but
instead we had to point at bottles from inside display cases in their shop.
The shop is still lovely with sloping irregular floors and a tiny gothic shop front on St James. Maybe next time I willring ahead and request a tour of the cellars with a member of staff.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Wedding Burgundy

Spoke to my mum at the weekend and have found out that dad has chosen a Burgundy for our red wedding wine. I think it is from the little village of Fixin in the Cote de Nuits. Had a little look in the Guide Hachette and there are some great
sounding estates there so very excited to try it!