Monday, 27 October 2008


After C90 on Friday, all a bit knackered, we rallied at Ambroses on the Saturday evening.

Tom, Ben and Ambrose mixed on the decks while we ate and drank. Nice to relax and catch up with them lot.

2005 Jon Josh Estate Chardonnay

Lovely, soft and well produced wine from upper Hungary.

A long history of wine making in Hungary dates back centuries.  They are most famous for the prestigious dessert wines of Tokaj although they also produce many other high quality wines using indigenous and foreign grapes with an emphasis on careful production.

There is lots of light sweet citrus fruit and mandarin on the nose with a lively fruit body and touch of vanilla oak on the palate.

This is a well balanced wine and a great lightly oaked chardonnay style.

Good wine to convert non chardonnay drinkers as it is very subtle with the oak, has a  touch of acidity is and not over oaked like some.

Excellent value and a nice choice from the

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