Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Brand new Beaujolais

"Beaujolais Nouveau Domaine Chantegrillet 2008

i bought this wine on impulse in the supermarket the other week. I had no idea when the Beaujolais Nouveau comes out but it turned out to have been just a few days before. Advice from North Yorkshire told me that it should be drunk now so i wasted no time this evening.

this wine is bright, direct and clear tasting.
the taste is so...simple that i cant really escribe it by comparison using the usual adjectives. its not acidic, theres a hint of fruit but the taste is just that of a straight up, honest and highly drinkable wine.

as a result of this freshness there isnt a cloying aftertaste and it is very drinkable.

Unfortunately due to this wine's qualities, there isn';t much I can say in words about it - it's better to drink it!

I bought this from Waitrose, so try there."

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Mark Philip Dix I said...

The Beaujolais are doing a massive world-wide ad campaign to promote this year's vintage. I saw a photo in the newspaper of Japanese people swimming in it.

Off to Toulouse this weekend, I'll surely post a little something next week.