Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mexican party

Mexicans at Bute Street, fajitas, quesadillas and tequila!
We also had incongruous bread and butter pudding and celebrated being together with some
Bottles of Champagne from the Cellar.
I feel that you should always have a reason for cracking open the Brut which we really


Two bottles

The Wine Societys Champagne NV (Alfred Gratien)
Light golden in colour with miniscule bubbles rising randomly.
Made in the famous region of Epernay and fermented in small oak barrels.
This imparts a delicous soft and deep nutty flavour with toasted caramel note and a long lasting finish.

Champagne Louis de Sacy NV

Understated light yellow in colour with a tight minerally nose. Elegant toasted oak a crisp citrus and sharp appley palate with an expressive savoury complexity.
80% single vineyard from la famille Sacy.
Superb and classic Champagne.

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