Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Yule log and HNY!

Hope you all had a wonderful yuletide?‬‪
We had a crisp cold christmas cracker of a day down in Norfolk.‬‪
Was great to have christmas day on a Thursday as this gave us a four day break with Annas family away from the hustle and bustle.‬‪
Particularly enjoyed the time to relax due to all the recent excitement including moving house.‬‪ I will be shortly reporting on the state of my new wine cellar which looks to be the perfect place to store my stash.

Fantastic christmas lunch at Adrian and Lynnes with great selection of drinks including Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a decanted bottle of lovely terroir laden claret, a St Joseph (northen Rhone), vintage port (from the year of my birth! – 29yo) and finally home made worthing sloe gin.‬‪. No notes- This was my day off!‬‪
Happy New Year!

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