Saturday, 17 January 2009

Doctoral Fizz

We drank this bottle of champagne the other night to celebrate The Bomb's PhD, she's now Dr. Bomb. This drop is also THE BOMB. It was a gift from her old man, who bought several cases of it over for when he got re-hitched over the summer - that was a heavy session.

Details: Champagne Christophe MARTIN (Recoltant et Manipulant - which means it's goes from being grapes picked all the way to being finished at his place under his instruction), Brut, EARL Christophe MARTIN, 51530 OIRY, France.

What you've got here is perfect champage - perfect 'cos it does EVERYTHING you want it to. There's the bright, dry, buttery biscuit flavour, there's the creamy finish, there's plenty of booze (12%), it's EXCEPTIONALLY reasonable - not an expensive champers by any means, and it's got an incredible 'session' quality - it's not so rich / dry / acid / fizzy that your pallet tires of it, so you can keep on it for a while - I stuck with it non-stop for the wedding, it was the only means of survival, and after a while I couldn't really face moving onto substantial wines, my mouth was in the mood for bubbles and nothing but. Messy. Also, it's a wine that continues to hold its own at slightly above chilled temperatures - many drinks tell you to drink them super-cold because the tongue is unable to pick up bad flavour notes when they're frosty - lots of champagnes taste very tired the minute they heat up a little (that's why you have 'em in narrow flutes - small portions that you get through before they warm up). The Christophe MARTIN can withstand being poured generously, and being lightly sipped during no-end of small talk, and still makes a good tipple, and still makes you want to go back for a refill. Highly recommended: a bottle a day. And that's two Doctors' advice. Word.

also: recommended soundtrack while drinking it: "True Creators" off Disrupt's Foundation Bit (2007, Werk). Heavy AND messy.


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