Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Chateau Grillon

A lovely Sauternes

A bit of a treat, something that you don't open very often. The thick golden liquid often comes in a half bottle due to the sweetness and intensity.

Grown in Bordeaux, Sauternes demands a high price due to the low harvests and unusual production methods.

The wine is made by encouraging semillon grapes to catch a disease called Botrytis which shrivels the berries and produces a concentrated grape juice with wonderful texture and complexity! It is capable of aging for many years whilst still improving.

New Zealand produce sweet wines based on another method of late harvesting which leaves the grapes slightly dried on the vine producing lighter and more fruity dessert wines from grapes such as Semillon and Riesling as well as Sauvignon Blanc of course!

Here's a bottle we opened recently with some friends after supper!

2003 Chateau Grillon

A deep golden apricot colour with a noticable thickness of body in the glass. Swirling it shows a strong nose of dried fruit and a herbal edge with a soft oak style showing toffee and caramel. Strong honey fruit and a very long length on the palate means that this is good for taking your time and enjoying slowly.

Love it! Sauternes!

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