Sunday, 22 February 2009

Penistone Court Wines

I have never been to such an excellent wine shop!!
Chris Ward has been running his business in Penistone for twenty years. Based in the fabulous still in use railway station building, the site of the shop used to be the railway canteen!
The cavernous whitewashed vaulted cellars used to house barrels of beer for the bar upstairs. Now the constant temperature and humidity down there provides Chris with an unlimited amount of storage for all his stock. He is happy to show you down there which for me was the most interesting bit (well I did buy some wine as well!). He gave me some wooden wine boxes to take my wine home in which was nice.
Years ago, the old codgers from the village would become snowed in at the railway bar for days at a time! The place really feels very yorkshire, very real. Chris is knowledgable and talked about selling Spanish wines 'before Rioja got too expensive'
But now he has a fantastic wide range of stuff.
look out for my notes on these wines!

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