Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Chilean and Argentinian Sauvignons

I lit the wood burning stove tonight and cooked our evening meal on it.
Good to be self sufficient like that! took a while to warm up but once its going, the whole of the house gets roasting hot!
Opened this as part of my Chilean adventure series.

The most famous place for Sauvignon Blanc is New Zealand. This is due to the fantastic climate they have there and a wonderful gravel valley that produces wines of such intensity and aromatic quality.
Chilean and Argentine wines are exposed to intense heat in vineyards high up in the mountains and they produce delicously ripe and intense white wines mainly with Sauvignon Blanc but with their own personality.

2007 Montes Reserve Sauvignon Blanc
Valle de Casablanca, Chile

light greeny yellow in colour, perfectly clear.
This unoaked and refreshing sauvignon comes from the well known Montes estate in the chilean casablanca valley.
An area that is very warm but also fairly near the sea so is influenced by some fresh air!
On the nose is a little restrained with some citrus fruit, slight tropical hint and a fresh aroma.
The palate is dominated with a great granny smith apple crunch and citrus fruit bite with a clean finish.
available from Morrisons.

2007 Las Moras Sauvignon Blanc
San Juan, Argentina

Light yellow in colour with refreshing citrus fruit on the nose and a fruity fresh palate and clean finish.
also from Morrisons

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