Sunday, 1 March 2009

The Feast of Saint Monty Python

Hi everyone,

This is a really curt recap of last week's Feat of Saint Monty Python, the theme of which was a competition to see who could find the best wine (and tapa) for less than five clams.

A multicultural panel of semi-vino-literate judges gathered chez moi to do battle, rating each wine out of five in a secret ballot as the evening went by. The winner was the wine with the most votes.

Sorry but I simply don't have time to go through all the contenders, but let me reveal to you, dear reader, that the winner was not brought by myself, rather, by my girlfriend and occasional birthday DJ partner, Natalia, whose Mesta 2007 tempranillo from D.O. Tierra de la Castilla was the clear favourite amongst los invitados.

Pruney brown in colour, it foreheld a piercing alcoholic whiff, yet was easy going, light and fruity going down, with a slightly tannic, peppered finish. Great for this time of year, with body to warm the cockles as we bid adieu to the winter, yet boasting forest fruit notes to lead one on a spring walk through a decanted garden.


Mark Philip Dix I

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