Monday, 6 April 2009

Belgian Chardonnay! Who'd of thunk it

On on of my trips uptown to Lavinia's awesome wine store, i spied this blue bottle with an attractive yellow wax seal in the 'various' section, wines from countries that haven't warranted their own stand.

Interested in it's chardonnay content and age (2002), this Wijnkasteel Blue Chardonnay wasn't badly priced at €9, so I copped it and wheeled it home for later consumption.

Last night we decided to pop it, with some takeaway sushi and a movie that could warrant its own post, Sideways.  Deep golden piss yellow in colour, it's primary aromas were there for all to sense; warm honey and mature cider apples up in there, as they were.  Invigorating the liquid hinted at a spell in the barrel, as a smokey floral hymn was hummed.

Drinking the thing was like viewing a tryptic.  Threee glasses, threee different experiences, takes on the same story.  The first, before the food, was the surprise of the thick liquid filling all corners of the mouth, leaving an acidic finish.  The second, in combination with the sushi, held up well to the power of soy sauce, ginger and wasabi, but was a little sour.  Finally, the post dinner glass savoured whilst watching the film was the best of all, and also the most complex: a little dairy narrator appeared, who could have come from a roquefort or natural yoghurt background.

I have since been back to Lavinia and noticed that the the bottle was mis-priced when I bought it - it should have gone for no less than €16.  Score!

Plonk: 83/100 
Film: 72/100

Reverend Mark P. Dix


Will Wilson said...

gotta see that film for all the wine references!

Will Wilson said...

Belgian wine! if they do it as well as the beer then we r in for a treat!