Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Its the texture that gets me, I just love Pinot Noir.
This bottle reminds me why it has always been my favourite grape.
Soft and silky in the mouth with a light body, elegant and fragrant but laden with serious flavour and immensely complex. PN is a hard grape to grow, the berries are very small and bunched together which lead them to be prone to disease and hard to harvest. This means that it takes a lot of hard work and skill to bring out the best in Pinot Noir. With such emphasis on the producer, it is a good find when you find one that stands out. This is often although not always reflected in the price which is over a tenner for this bottle (well worth it).
My favourite regions for Pinot Noirs so far.

Burgundy, France
Central Otago, New Zealand,
Victoria, Australia
Oregon, USA

2005 Southbank Estate Pinot Noir
Marlborough, New Zealand.

Super bottle, fresh and light with a raspberry red fruit nose and hint of savouriness from the oak aging and then a wonderful soft texture and tannins. Refreshing acidity that is just right and a long complex aftertaste.
very good stuff!
Penistone Court Wine Cellars

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