Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lynch Bages

Pauillac is on the left bank of the river in Bordeaux and produces powerful cabernet sauvignon based wine. Merlot and cabernet franc is used to add smooth body and aromatic qualities to the blend.

Up on the highest rise in Pauillac is the Lynch Bages Estate.
Covering 200 hectares, the cabernet vines take prime position with merlot and cabernet franc spreading off into the distance. The vineyard was being worked upon leaf by leaf as we cycled up the gravel path to meet Guillame.
A great tour guide, Guillaume was interested to hear our questions and we learnt a lot about the evocative history of Lynch Bages. Until fairly recently they still used to stamp the grapes and use wooden vats in the winemaking! The harvest is done by hand. Each parcel of land vinified separately before the final mixing and blending is done.
Analysis in the lab, bottling and storage of wine at the chateau is all closely monitored.

The wine produced here has an elegance completely outside of its 5th classification.

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