Monday, 21 September 2009

Vinho Verde... a special young type of wine from a controlled region of Portugal, you can peep the norms here, and what follows is an account of one bottle I came across.

This particular number is 100% Alvarinho, an affordable cousin of the German/French Riesling and with characteristics similar to Gewurztraminer

Deu La Deu is pale to see with your eyes, not as pale as some which appear near clear in their bottles. Tiny bubbles hug the glass, and there is nearly no density or body to speak of, but this is not what we're after when we pull that bottle out of the fridge (or even better, the freezer).

The juice smells floral, herbal even, opening up somewhat with agitation; some pour the wine from some height to aid this process.

The attack is nothing like a cava or champagne might be, you only really notice the carbon in the background, and after you have gulped some down.

There is still plenty of plant to taste after a wee dram, but more fruit to be found, that can go long if you invest a couple more bucks than the average Vinho Verde may set you back. I paid 4.70 for homeslice.

This joint would be perfect with any type of seafood you care to mention, provided you don't mess with it too much; salads, freshish cheese, and the like.

Mark D.

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