Monday, 30 November 2009


In London I was pleased to meet Loris the professional sommelier at the famous Locanda Locatelli Restaurant.
The impressive all Italian wine list spanned hundreds of wines. It came in the form of a large bound book and was stylishly laid out with maps to each region. This made it a good read!

I enjoyed two wines with my supper. Loris kindly noted the details down for me at the end of the meal.

2008 Grechetto Colli Nartani
La Custodia Farchioni
A delicious smooth textured and full bodied white wine with touch of apricot and honey fruit and a nice refreshing finish. Fun to try this unusual wine variety from Umbria.

2004 Sangiovese Di Ronangha Riserva
From the Emilia Romagna region of northern Italy. Home of the Ferrari.
A Riserva wine, stored in barrels for 24 months before bottling for a year. Pretty dark cherry red in colour. Light in texture with spicy fruit, grippy tannins and a long leathery finish!
complex and lovely.

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