Thursday, 19 November 2009

Oddbins meets Bragazzis downtown

Italian winetasting - Bragazzis deli, Sheffield

Atmosphere: all ages crowd, some youth, some experience. The feel is of europe, civilisation, a pleasant drink at night just down the road, folk sitting outside and in and us inside watching abbeydale rd life. Format was relaxed, fetching wine in any desired order and comparing notes.
Delicious antipasti served to hungry masses. If only they could have been everlasting.

So, the wines- here are my notes:

Tacchino - Gavi di gavi 08
100% cortese grape. Subtle or bland? This unsophisticate wasn't well placed to distinguish. Nice label tho

Carletti-malvasia 08

Pungent. Quite thick taste with sweet tones.

Falanghina - di majo norante 08

Peanut-ty? Strong...smelling, distinctive. But not grabbed me totally. Starting to be impaired by drunkeness, losing coherency.

Terredora - greco di tufo
Big, bold, beautiful. Opulent and extravagant. £14 tho

Bellenotte - pinot grigio ramato 08
Interesting copper coloured wine, coloured by the pink skins remaining in contact. Complexity of flavour, initially quite tart, a spectrum of taste none of which I can describe or remember

Weingut niklas- sudtiroler lagrien 07
Clean and direct nose (that does mean aroa/smell, right?). Very tasty and simple.

Poggio tempesta - chianti
Milder aroma, harder to read, somewhat coy.

(Trying to speed up now and getting

Lucciolaio 04- IGT Toscana
Most expensive £22. The real deal, confident nose, not pretentious, 'classic' (not entirely sure what I mean either).

Vini del sole - negroamaro 07

Pugliese. Nose is dark and bitter. Rounded and smooth. Berries and!? Great for a glass, extended drinking not so sure. Ends up with rather sweet aftertaste. So smooth!

Donnafugata - sherazade 07
I think I have lost it now. The first inhalation gave me a few different thing, I have no idea what they are now. Which makes me think-sometimes u just gotta say what you first find. Think this suffered from being the last. Not bad by any means but I just have no idea any more. Caught some licquorice at the end but probably drunk/delusional.


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