Thursday, 5 November 2009

Portugese Tour

We visited beachside towns, villages high in the hills , rattled round in trams and frequented great wine bars in the evening. We were also not afraid to risk gout by consuming large quantities of PORT ugal.

Garrafeira Alfaia, Bairro Alto, Lisbon
Tiny wine bar with seating outside. Enormous menu of all Portugese wines and spirits.
My favourite was the Ribera del Duero 2006 Duradero.
Rich purple red in colour with delicous sweet fruit,chocolate like richness with toasty oak, integrated tannins and smooth long finish.

Minutes from our pension in B Alto, the Mirador San Pedro de Alcantara housed a miniature wine bar. It is set up at a kiosk on the lower tier if you have trouble finding it! Here we were helped to the
Alentejo 2008 Fiuza Castas
I drank quite a few Alentejos last week and loved this one here.
It was dark and fruity but with a great refreshing finish. Perfect for an evening at a mirador.

Next stop on our wineological tour was PORTO. I loved exploring the steep neighbourhood of Gaia which is where all the wine lodges are located. All the port rafts are moored on the river which is a very pretty sight.

Croft Port
White Port
served before the tour
Lovely reddish gleaming gold in colour.
This had warm fruity notes of anised and tropical fruit with wood and spice! nice. not many people are aware of white port.

Croft 2003 Late Bottled Vintage Port.
Vintage quality grapes bottled after a bit of time in oak.
Dark cherry red coloured with sweet fruit, dried fruit in cake and licourice flavours.

Croft Tawny 10 years old Port
Aged for 10 years in oak barrels.
Light brown tawny red orange colour with dark roast coffee and hazelnut flavours. wooded smoky oak and light fig hint.

Croft 2007 Vintage Port

Constructed from superb quality grapes from the excellent summer of 2007. feet pressed and carefully vinified.
Rich dark purple crimson in colour with perfumed sweet nose of pure blackcurrnt, blueberries with a refreshing touch. Elegant and smooth.


Mark D. said...

Lisbon is grimy! I love it.

Porto is dope too but too hilly for a bike...

Paulo Coutinho said...

Duradero 2006 in 50% Toro, and 50% Douro. It is a blend of Tinta del Pais (tempranillo) e Tinta roriz (from Douro). A partnership between Quinta do Portal (Paulo Coutinho) and Liberália Enológica (Silvia Garzia).
For more information please take a look on