Saturday, 12 December 2009

Goin' Loco Down In Morocco

We cracked this bad boy open last night and I personally was too loaded to appreciate it.  Luckily, there was plenty left tonight to savour and procrastinate about.

This is booty from Natalia's trip to Morocco a couple of months ago.  Despite the influence of the Prophet Mohammed and his sacred book of teachings and rules, wine has been produced in the country for thousands of years, and I suppose that the French invasion has left its mark on the country's produce.

She may or may not have bought it from the airport on the way home but is smoking out of the window and watching Spanish 'comedy' now so cannot confirm this presumption.

Of the wine I can tell you this: 2005, deeply red mature colourings, the smell of an entire Sunday lunch which is slightly overdone.  But delicious.

The French like not to tell you of the content of the wine on the label, and neither do the good folk at Les Cellers de Meknes.  I guessed at Cabernet Sauvignon and was a third right, Merlot and Syrah joining the party, but this is a genuinely concentrated yet balenced wine whose monumental tannins make cotton wool of the drinker's speak-hole and would certainly be well combined with something well-cooked and tomato-related.

Mark D.

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