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Tim Atkin's Christmas Wine Quiz

Tim Atkin, above, scoffs mockingly at our lack of wine expertise.  In order to demonstrate how pathetic our knowledge is, he offers the quiz below in today's Observer.  You have to send in answers on a postcard!  Really!  To: Observer Magazine Wine Quiz, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU by 6 January 2010.  The first prize is 300 clams worth of wine from Waitrose.  6 Runners up get a bottle of Bollinger each.

I wonder if it's considered cheating to do your research on the internet?  In any case, I haven't got the patience so I'll mostly be choosing at random.

1 How much wine would you find in an Impériale?
a) Four litres
b) Six litres
c) Eight litres

2 What does Xynomavro mean in Greek?
a) Great with meze
b) Soft and fruity
c) Acidic and black

3 Which is the largest of these three Burgundian Grands Crus?
a) Clos de Vougeot
b) Le Montrachet
c) Le Musigny

4 Why would a winemaker use a spinning cone?
a) To get fit
b) To kill nematodes
c) To reduce the alcohol content in his wine
5 Spot the odd one out
a) Barbaresco
b) La Morra
c) Serralunga d'Alba

6 Which of these Australian regions
is famous for its
a) Margaret River
b) The Yarra Valley
c) The Barossa Valley

7 What is the name of the crossing invented in 1948 by Dr HP Olmo?
a) Ruby ruby
b) Ruby Cabernet
c) Olmo's revenge

8 Which South American country specialises in
a) Bolivia
b) Brazil
c) Uruguay

9 Supreme, Noma and Diam are all types of what?
a) Corks
b) Grape varieties
c) Barrels

10 What is PX short for?
a) Pancho Ximénez
b) Pedro Ximénez
c) Palomino Ximénez

11 What is the official Californian term for a Bordeaux blend?
a) Heritage
b) French Paradox
c) Meritage

12 To which grape variety is Crljenak related?
a) Zibibbo
b) Zinfandel
c) Zweigelt
13 The Billionaire's Vinegar is about a cache of wine that allegedly belonged to which US president?
a) Jimmy Carter
b) Abraham Lincoln
c) Thomas Jefferson

14 If you use yarrow, camomile, cow's horns and a stag's bladder in your vineyards, are you…
a) Recovering from a very heavy night out
b) A follower of biodynamism
c) An organic wine grower

15 What is Brunello
di Montalcino
made from?
a) Sangiovese
b) Montalcino
c) Montepulciano

16 What is the name of the white soil of the
Sherry region?
a) Flor
b) Almacenista
c) Albariza

17 What is Sam Neill's New Zealand wine called?
a) Dead Calm
b) Two Paddocks
c) Perfect Strangers
18 Which is normally the most acidic?
a) Barbera d'Alba
b) McLaren Vale Shiraz
c) Rioja Reserva

19 In which country would you find Clos des Agaises, Genoels-Elderen and Domaine du Chenoy?
a) Luxembourg
b) France
c) Belgium

20 Which is the most northerly of these three Médoc châteaux?
a) Pontet-Canet
b) Beychevelle
c) Margaux

21 How many hectares of vineyards are there in Virginia?
a) 100
b) 1,000
c) 10,000

22 Where does The Chocolate Block come from?
a) South Africa
b) Switzerland
c) Austria

23 Which is Chile's largest winery?
a) Santa Rita
b) De Martino
c) Concha y Toro

24 How much wine does a pièce hold?
a) 225 litres
b) 228 litres
c) 500 litres

25 What does Grosses Gewächs mean?
a) Large vineyard
b) First growth
c) High in alcohol

26 Mendoza accounts for what percentage of Argentina's wine production?
a) 30%
b) 50%
c) 70%

27 Which of the following Kiwi wineries is not French-owned?
a) Cloudy Bay
b) Peregrine
c) Montana

28 What are 115, 667 and 777?
a) Code names for British secret agents
b) Three motorways in Burgundy
c) Clones of Pinot Noir

29 Which is normally the most alcoholic form of Valpolicella?
a) Amarone
b) Ripasso
c) Recioto

30 Who said: "I am only a beer teetotaller, not a Champagne teetotaller"?
a) George Bernard Shaw
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Morrissey

Mark D.

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