Sunday, 24 January 2010

Gros Manseng

Innovative blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Gros Manseng grapes.
Aromatic, very fruity and fresh with a slight hint of nuttiness and apricot spice to it. This I guess comes from the Gros Manseng in the mix which also gives it a bit of body.
Really enjoyed this new blend from South of France. Check it out!

£5.49 CoOp

Wreck The Hoose Juice

Browsing a news report about wine consumption in Scotland, one brand stood out.  It's name is Buckfast, a fortified wine made in Devon but consumed with more vigour north of the border.

Unfortunately, it is not available in Spain, but there is a short video of a tasting of the wine by a somillier at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh, which you can watch by clicking the link to the news report in the last paragraph.

Mark D.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Le Dog

Excellent bottle of everyday drinking wine with funky branding!
Really liked this cold from the fridge this eve.

Le Dog Charlotte
Chardonnay 2008. Vin de Pays

Pale straw coloured with vibrant nose of pineapple and tropical fruit.
Medium bodied on the palate. Lovely and fruity with a fresh crisp touch. £5.49 Morrisons

Monday, 11 January 2010

Playing in the snow

Ive heard people descibe Pinotage as the smell of a sweet rubbish tip. How rude!

This Pinotage was really excellent and something I enjoyed with friends after playing in the snow!

Tukulu 2007 Pinotage
Lovely dark purple in colour with a sweet fruity nose.
On the palate this is intense, full bodied, spicy and meaty with lovely fresh red fruit and toasty oak.
Lovely bottle of Pinotage.
£8.99 from Oddbins
Will W


A wine from the country of Georgia. This seems unlikely at first thought, and it doesnt appear in my wine atlas which i thought was fully comprehensive!
Archaeology has uncovered that we have been producing wine in Georgia for thousands of years!
Saperavi is a native Georgian grape variety which produces fabulous wines full of deep colour, tannin and structure which will obviously mellow elegantly with Age.

Satrapezo Saperavi
Dark blackish red in colour. Dark berry fruit nose with hint of sweetness. Intense, refreshing fruit and a very full bodied palate with great texture, coffee hints and a long finish.
From the Georgian Wine Society website.

Will W

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Saint Desirat

Lovely meaty red wine last night
2007 Saint Desirat from the Saint Joseph appellation in the Ardeche region of Northen Rhone.
Light purple colour with fruity nose and spicy meaty texture. Excellent.

What's For Afters?

On New Year's Eve in Spain, people tend to eat one of their most opulent meals of the year, as did we this year.  We copped a lobster which we ate with asparagus and potatoes, after starters of clams, salmon tartare and the obligatory pa amb tomaquet.  

With about a quarter of an hour to go to midnight, we hadn't had pudding, which I had planned to be a dessert wine that I have had for a while.  It had been airing for a while, as is the protocol for this type of vino, but we had to wolf it down in order to make it to our rendez-vous.

With an hour to kill this afternoon, I have decided to revisit the bottle, which can be kept corked for a while afterwards, due to the sugar content.

The grape is known locally as Matarò, internationally as Mourvèdre, or Monastrell, and is autoctonous to D.O. Alella, which as I have mentioned before, is the closest wine-producing region to Barcelona.  It is made with over-ripe grapes, which are harvested just before they start to turn into raisins.  No sugar, therefore is needed to make this sweet wine.  They macerate for six months in steel casks which gives the juice its deep red-brown colour.  Finally, it is matured in barrels of French oak.

This particular drop is a potent and sweet but not sickly one, delicious in small quantities, with matices of game and red berries.

It is really nice and satisfying to be drunk alone, without a dessert to accompany, but if you do go for a pudding, it is said that it should not be sweeter than the wine.

Mark D.