Friday, 19 February 2010

De France Avec Amour (Je Crois)

Some French men came to our house and when they left, there was a bottle of plonk left ont' dining room table.  I hope it was intended for us because we've just opened it and will attempt a dangerous LIVE blog about its nature for you gentle reader.

Ederra Crianza 2006
Bodegas Bilbainas
Rioja D.O.C.

Colour: deep granite/earthy burgundy.  Clearly marked restings when swilled around non-matching glasses.  Hint of browning around rim tee ho!

Primary aromas: Musty and sweet like as if at bodega itself.

Secondary aromas:  Very dense forest forest fruits and rubber.

Attack:  Pleasant and balanced.

Taste Time:  Really intense tempranillo, balsamic with a leather fondo.  Enough tannins to know they're tannins.

Going down:  Nicely but Natalia needs to go cut some strong cheese because this vino is too strong to enjoy alone.

Score: 7/10

Mark D. & Natalia P.S.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Training it

Its becoming standard for me now to drink and review a wine on a train journey. Picking up a mini from the station shop and consuming it on my journey. This time travelling Oxford to Sheffield with Lord Byron, Life and Legend and a nik naks nice and spicy.

Australian Shiraz Cabernet.
Wine of Australia
Rich, fruity, smooth and spicy with nice structure from some oak.
Just the ticket
£2.75 for a mini.
Marks and Spencer

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


From the poggiotondo region of tuscany, this chiant (I'm not that familiar with chianti) has a strong, smooth and fresh faced but gentle smell. Its taste reflects this, a confident but kindly imperceptible sweet edge lifts it at the end. Verdict - very drinkable. Wine tends to be drinkable tho I guess!

Pictured - a cheap steak, leek bake for dinner and a bottle of the poggiotondo chianti