Monday, 8 March 2010


Im digging the label of this Spanish bottle reviewed by Ambrose and friends.
Check it out from Oddbins!

Rafael cambra- 'dos' valencia collita 2007

A blend of cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc.

Tom: full, robust, tannin-rich, gives you a sore throat just to smell it. Adult flavour, oaky, burnt coffee ground. Almost scalded.
Megan: lovely
Ambrose: taste- like a baileys! Creamy, chocolatey, caramel. Faint burnt tinge. Nose- reminiscent...but of what?

Oddbins, reduced to 10 pound, or thereabouts.


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Mark D. said...

the design of bottles so often lets the side down.

"only shallow people don't judge books by they covers" i think Wilde said.