Wednesday, 21 April 2010

what a pino

I loved this bottle of Pinot Grigio from Marks and Spencers.
Only £4.49 for this light bodied treat!

Light straw yellow colour with an aromatic melon and apple nose. Mid weight texture, lemon and pineapple tropical fruit on the fresh palate with a tiny hint of spice and a crisp finish.
Highly recommended vibrant wine.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Land of the long white cloud

Wine of New Zealand.
I'm very very fond of all NZ Wines full stop. This is a supermarket gem which is easily available, though will set you back 9 squidders.
Its worth it for this sip
The South Island Pinot Noirs are superb due to ideal cold climate terroir growing conditions for the small Pinot Noir grapes.
This Asda own brand is produced by Wither Hills in the Wither Hills area of Marlborough. Subtle difference from the Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough region. It is savoury and fresh with delicious raspberry and redcurrant freshness along with slight farmy savoury note on the nose. Very smooth and well balanced on the palate with a nice bit of texture and tannins.
£9.00 Asda


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fw: Monte la sarda 2008 garnacha

Monte la sarda 2008 garnacha
Garnacha/garnache (same, right?) Is a grape that appeals to me but I don't know why. It seems to speak of a tasty and bold sensation.

This wine is from bajo aragon in spain. The label says 'vinas viejas' and the maker says all the vines used are between 45-100 years old and are from a local strain. Someone more learned would know the implications of this.

As for the drinking? A strong but gentle smell, and an initial sweet/mellow hit on the tongue, followed by a smooth and fulsome principle taste. this doesn't outstay its welcome and a little nip in the tale keeps the memory of each sip fresh in the drinkers mind.

Megs rating- 8/10

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Snail

This is primarily a wine blog but here is a restaurant review for a bit of a change!

L'Escargot, London

Soho institution and probably the closest restaurant i have seen yet to the one they go to in Ferris Buellers Day Off. Very traditional french in style with tasteful decor and cool contemporary art such as a 3D giant gold dinosaur head.

Snails in garlic with a Bordeaux sauce. Served inside their shells on a spot of potato puree. It was ideal to fish out the meat with the snail holding device and then eat it with a mouth of potato and the lovely sauce. Gorgeous. This we had with a bottle of Sancerre which was laden with Terroir driven character. Steely mineral sauvignon blanc from the Loire valley of France. Refreshing and delicious accompaniment.

Main course of duck leg with ratte potatoes, pak choi and red chard was rich and superb with a lovely Cotes Du Rhone Villages. Ripe, fruity and smooth with touch of spice.

We spent many hours round the table chatting and laughing before finally getting coffee and petit fours.