Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fw: Monte la sarda 2008 garnacha

Monte la sarda 2008 garnacha
Garnacha/garnache (same, right?) Is a grape that appeals to me but I don't know why. It seems to speak of a tasty and bold sensation.

This wine is from bajo aragon in spain. The label says 'vinas viejas' and the maker says all the vines used are between 45-100 years old and are from a local strain. Someone more learned would know the implications of this.

As for the drinking? A strong but gentle smell, and an initial sweet/mellow hit on the tongue, followed by a smooth and fulsome principle taste. this doesn't outstay its welcome and a little nip in the tale keeps the memory of each sip fresh in the drinkers mind.

Megs rating- 8/10

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