Sunday, 16 May 2010

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This is the future! TODAY. Me and fellow Steel Wine Blog King Will simultaniously write and up a wine that he has cracked open to celebrate my extended stay in the UK thanks to the ash from the volcano Jadefhjnfsgjkhfdfcxxhoigdssgh.

So, a blast from the past: Marques De Grinyon's Emeritus, a  1998 recommendation from Penistone Wine Court. Will has decanted it and the glass sits in front of me in wait of my discerning judgement.

An attractive rusty hue borders the liquid, which retains its intense deep cherry colour.

(Decants more to sit on rug by fire.)

A reserved nose that may well be opening up with time and temperature, upon agitation an impression of tabacco. To taste at first, young tasting and subtle, light body and a hint of tannin from its time in the barrel. It is the taste of raisins, is long and seems to get sweeter for some time after each swig.

Cheers Will! And Spanner on the alcohol free merlot (pictured).
Mark P Dix

Its been a hectic weekend of heavy tunes, heavy drinking and daft dancing, We are blogging from a post party wine review in the living room.
Caramelized orange in colour with fringes fading gradually to the core.
Aromatic fruit, brulee in flavour. Licqourice and tobacco flavours with sweet oak.
Lovely balance of texture from the tannins and a long lasting finish.
Top top.
Will W

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