Monday, 23 August 2010


Villa Maria Private Bin
2010 Vintage Sauvignon Blanc

I was very excited to try the first of the 2010 vintage NZ Sauvignons.
SB is the type of wine that is best when drunk fresh and young. This
will have only been in the bottle a couple few months by the time I
opened it.
Vintage 2010 was well balanced with varying levels of heat and
ripeness of the grapes. It was a cooler than average summer with a
warm dry autumn.

Intense on the nose with pineapple, lemon and black currant fruit
nose. On the palate it was actually quite smooth with a touch of ripe
melon on the body.
£8.99 from Tesco and Sainsbury

We also tasted the Asda extra special Cote du Rhone Villages
Which was smooth and fruity with a bit of vanilla oak influence and
nice warmth.
5.99 from Asda

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Summer Rose

Lovely summer lunch on the patio with a gorgeous glass of Rose.
Look at the brilliant colour shining through the bottle. Value Rose like this from Morrisons is an excellent summer lunchtime or afternoon drink to quench your thirst and make the most of the weather!

Good French Shiraz Rose
Pleasant ripe raspberry and fig fruit nose with an off dry palate that seems quite sweet at first but is really refreshing and drinkable.
Excellent, marvellous value.

£3.99 Morrisons

Monday, 2 August 2010

Classic Chablis

Chablis is a classic wine that you should get to know.
Made from Chardonnay grapes this wine has a distinct clean minerality due to the limestone rich soils where it is grown on the old seabed floor in the vineyards of Chablis!

Co-Operative Chablis 2008
AOC Prehy, Chablis

Sharp refreshing lemon and lime with a crisp palate balanced nicely by a touch of body from the minimal use of Oak barriques.
A smooth and distinctive wine that will age well. Must drink more Chablis.