Friday, 12 November 2010


classic Fino

Seville is famous for Oranges and Sherry as well as flamenco and horses (or women if youre Lord Byron)

Ive tried every variety of Sherry under the sun. Literally as its great weather here..

1)Fino - This has a salty,smoky, oxidised mineral character to it which is very distinct. Made from a special sherry grape called Palomino, this is aged for many years under a layer of fermenting yeast called Flor which gives it the unique flavour. Its the freshest type of sherry and is fairly close to white wine in a way. Very pale in colour and you have to drink the whole bottle once its been opened. preferably with some nice olives.

2) Manzanilla -This is a different variety of Fino which comes from Cadiz rather than Jerez. As its nearer the sea, these sherries are fresher and more acidic due to the maritime climate being a little cooler.

Sherry casks aging

3)Olorosso - The Olorossos are a lot sweeter and darker. the colour and nutty flavour is imparted by the oak barrels and contact with the air when the yeasty layer on the Fino wine dies off due to a higher level of alcohol. Olorossos are quite a bit sweeter, nutty, caramelised but can be nice and refreshing.

4)Pedrio Ximenez

Treacly,nutty, chocolate caramel,ch0colate raisins and dime bar flavours come through in the fantastic Pedro Ximenez wines. Have tried a few different PX this holiday. Some are incredibly sticky, luscious and rich and others are a little lighter and with an almost fresh finish. Depends which you like but I like the fresher version. Waitrose do a great PX. I will check out and report back when I get home.


Below is a typical sherry bar with casks piled high on the counter


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Deputy Montfort Tadier said...

"All this wine nonsense! You get all these wine people, don't you? Wine this, wine that. Let's have a bit of red, let's have a bit of white. Ooh, that's a snazzy bouquet. Oh, this smells of, I don't know, basil. Sometimes you just want to say, sod all this wine, just give me a pint of, mineral water."