Thursday, 30 December 2010

Festive blog

Irish Stout

Bag of cava!

I feel very lucky, this Christmas has been full of Wines! Wine, Champagne, Wine,Cava,Wine,Port,Sherry and more Wine(Red,White and sweet)

Tomorrow is Hogmanay and we will be celebrating with something different, a favourite cocktail of mine called Black Velvet.
This consists of Cava and Guinness.

Lovely Black Velvet

Monday, 20 December 2010

Les Becs Fins

I generally appreciate the CdR wines for consistency and value for money (though this bottle was a gift). This small appellation has provided a smooth uncomplicated delicious accompaniment to our winter beef stew this evening. Lovely deep plum/cherry colour but not a great deal on the nose. However, terrific cherry and hint of blackcurrant maybe blackberry and a very senior liqourice on the palate. Would buy this in preference to bigged up C du P's which are metaphorically just around the corner.
Neil Wilson

Monday, 6 December 2010


Gorgeous Barossa Shiraz from Majestic.
Really enjoyed this amazing Shiraz.
Delicious ripe fruit and touch of spicy warmth with a long finish.
Simple, terrific and tasty.

Learnt a little about the Barossa whilst drinking this wine. The area
is naturally suited to growing Shiraz due to the warm temp of south
Australia. The Barossa is near Adelaide and hosts disease resistant
and 100 year old growths!
I'm going to try lots more Sz this winter!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Seasick Steve: Thunderbird

Here's a song by Seasick Steve about one of his tipples of choice, Thunderbird.

It seems that this is a brand of 'low-end fortified wine', in other words the US equivalent of Buckfast.  It was once marketed as such, in a radio jingle:

 "What's the word? 
How's it sold? 
Good and cold 
What's the jive? 
Bird's alive 
What's the price? 
Thirty twice."