Sunday, 2 January 2011

Ancient Wine Falanghina

Mystery Wine!

This was a complete mystery of a wine produced as a trick by Trevor! We had no idea where it came from, what grape variety it was made from or anything!
Turned out to be very pleasant although I am still none the wiser as to its origins. Could not find it in the wine atlas although some of my research has found that Falanghina is an ancient grape variety prized by the Greeks and the Etruscans!

Quite pale in colour, surprisingly there was a bit of fizz with bubbles rising from the glass. Often tart wines can taste spritzy due to the high acidity but this really was sparkling. Quite full bodied with an initial zesty lemon flavour balanced with a touch of more rich melony fruit. Very pleasant wine which I would be pleased to have again if I ever see it again which is probably unlikely due to the rareness!
Will Wilson

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