Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Night With English Radio, Swedish Cooking & Spanish Wine


Here's my first tasting notes for a while.

Last night we broadcast a live set on a friend's show, and were treated to a lovely dinner from our Swedish Scot host, who served up mussels as a starter, with a fish/cheese meatball-style main.  Mmmmmm.

To accompany, a couple of wines worthy of writing home about:

A traditional Spanish aperitif: crisps and cockles, with a quality white: Mantel Blanco, 2010 verdejo from Rueda.  Clean and pale to look at, it was really savoury to smell, more herbal (elderflower) than fruity.  The texture was creamy, contrasting with a nicely balanced acidity and citrus flavour.  Good one.

With the cheesy fishballs, then, this number from a D.O. I'd never heard of before, Manchuela.  This wine is 100% bobal, which would generate a few laughs in South Yorks but is, in fact, quite an interesting red variety native to Spain.  It had a caramel nose, quite thin in the mouth but nicely spiced, with a satisfying tannic shadow.

Finally, from the great-value Montsant region, Diaro 2008.  A mix of garnaxa, syrah and tempranillo, it was a curious customer alright.  Smelling of wet cardboard, it again had quite a light refreshing texture and tasted of boiled game and herbs.  Not sure what to make of that.

Bit hungover when the cats came to say good morning.

Until next time wine pals,

Mark D.

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