Saturday, 26 February 2011

Steelwine Rendezvous in Wales

We are having a Steelwine meetup.
Good friends, good wines and good times.
Mumbles peninsular is the venue, we have come to visit Joe and Anna.
Today we walked along the cliff path to a surf beach and walked back via a bistro wine bar, The Park pub and Mumbles fine wines shop.

Sophie has gone to bed and we have started hitting the wines.

Urban uco,Cafayete
Torrontes 2009
Salta, Argentina
Mumbles Fine Wines. £7.99

Wow its unusual its kind of floral
Its kind of sweeet and yeah definitely flowers what is that like elderflowers or something?
Aromatic on the nose, fruity and ROses, pineapple and tropical fruit.
It has a flavour that doesnt diminish
Yeah its got a very long finish.

Our Argentinian wine guide (Christopher Fielden) states the following about this unusual drop.
"It gives wine with a distinctive flavour marrying Muscat flavours to dryness"

Love it.

Tenuta Pule
Amarone, Lidl
Toasted on the nose and smoky tinge. Black in colour and very full bodied.
Very concentrated flavour but not heavy on the tongue.
Amarone is a special wine made by drying Valpolicella grapes on straw mats!
This is an excellent wine and represents extremely good value for money.

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