Thursday, 17 March 2011


I fell asleep tonight in my coat and with my shoes on. Must have been
the product of a lot of hard work this week including a night shift
for an implementation I am working on.
When Anna woke me up and dragged me downstairs for supper she had
opened a bottle of Chenin Blanc from the fridge which was really
lovely and it woke me up!

Vanderburg Chenin Blanc Chardonnay
South Africa. 2009

From Breedekloof on the Western Cape of South Africa this wine has a
nice rich pineapple body but is nicely crisp and has an excellent
appley citrus finish.
Chenin Blanc is the most widely planted grape in South Africa. It is
grown with great success and many different styles of wine are made.
This wine is blended with Chardonnay to give it a rounded body, has
been fermented at 12 degrees (quite low to bring out the aroma) and
has had extended contact with the grape skins and lees which again
brings to bring out the flavour. Chenin Blanc grapes tolerate this
treatment well in the winemaking process.

I highly recommend this wine and it is definitely a steal at the
price. £3.99 from Co-Op.

This tasting sample was provided by Co-Op.

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