Monday, 23 May 2011


Homemade honey wine.

3.5lbs of honey
1 tsp brewers yeast
1tsp yeast nutrient
1 gallon of water.

Put ingredients in a Demi John.
Leave in a cool place for several weeks until it has stopped bubbling.
You will see a yeasty froth rise to the surface. Don't stir this as it
gives the fermenting juice extra complex flavour!
After several weeks ( when bubbling has stopped signalling the end of
fermentation) the must is supposed to settle at the bottom and clear.
At this point you can rack the wine off it's lees and bottle it in wine bottles.
Mead is at it's best after 1 years aging in bottle but give it a taste
as you might like to drink it earlier!
Here's to a bit of experimenting!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Infamous Types

This is my first post in a while, and is dedicated to a little nook we stumbled upon in Madrid whilst looking for things to occupy our time with.

Tipos Infames is a wine & book shop full of the least infamous types I have ever laid eyes on, but let that bother you not.  What you have there is a comfortable, central & well-stocked wine joint that has good quality words to read all about the place, and wi-fi to do your whatever you needed to do.

We ordered, and were not disappointed by, a couple of house verdejos, whose origin was lost in the ether, but the product is not really the point of this post.

There are all sorts of bottles to take away, and books too; non in English I should add, but you can always pick up a bit of Castillian from the friendly barkeeps.

Be sure to pay them a visit next time you're in the Spanish capital!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

White Cotes

Caves Saint-Pierre 2009 white Cotes-du-Rhone produced by the Skalli family.
Tasty bottle of wine! Very smooth with a really long finish, savoury and a tiny bit sweet at the same time like honeydew melon but starts with a bit of a lemony tang. Does that make sense? Really going down well either way!
£7.49 from Tesco.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Steelwine Live Blog

First Steelwine team liveblog of the summer.
We are busy in the kitchen with a masterchef syle cookup but we took a break out in the garden to appreciate this lovely bottle of Cotes du Rhone fetched by Spud.

Domaine La Fond Roc Epine
Cotes Du Rhone 2009
We decanted the wine which was a good idea as it really opened up and changed character- mellowing out over time.
A delicate and light wine with initial savoury aromas of mushroom and undergrowth, probably influences from the time the wine spent in barrel. On the palate there was an aromatic fruitiness of red fruits with a perfect balance of tannins and a long delicious finish.
We highly rated the wine and are going to continue our Cotes Du Rhone adventures by exploring other wines from the region.
more news soon!
Will and Spud.

£9.49 from Bargain Booze