Sunday, 18 September 2011

Shawsgate Bacchus

We attended a superb wine tasting evening at the residence of Gordon
Pocket aka Tom Cullingford.
We tasted several wines including an unusual sparkling red from the
Loire and several English wines.
This Bacchus wine from Shawsgate winery in Suffolk! was the star of the night.

The Bacchus grape is typically grown in England as the climate here
particularly suits the grape. If the conditions were any warmer, the
Bacchus grapes would get too ripe and the wine loses balance.
Rich in texture with dry honey and tropical fruits on the palate.
Balanced acidity and a clean finish show a well poised wine that would
stand up well to an Alsatian wine. I actually researched this grape
variety later and found out that it is a Riesling cross which would
support this comment!