Monday, 12 December 2011

Slovenian wine from Lidl

An excellent high quality wine from Lidl.
Try finding a better Chardonnay for £6.49! It can't be done!

The vineyard of Collio crosses the border between Italy and Slovenia.
Limestone and sandstone soils provide excellent growing conditions and
the grapes are picked by hand and traditionally fermented. A
proportion is fermented in small oak barrels which give it the lovely

Chardonnay Collio DOC 2010
Corte del Drago

Aromas of pine and eucalyptus.... Sorry that's the Christmas tree in the room!

It is a vivid straw colour with
aromas of pineapple and a lovely lemongrass fragrance.
The legs stick strongly to the sides and the wine is medium bodied
with a nice fleshy texture.
On the palate you can detect peaches and cream and butter which is
excellent. It finishes with an elegant and super long nutty

1 comment:

Aaron said...

I am big fan of Chardonne, but brand especially I haven`t been close to. Big thanks.

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