Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Vins De Taller

This unassuming red was recently retrieved from our little collection to go with the last of the fresh evenings.  Bold reds are fine for autumn and winter but late spring and summer evenings call for whites, rosés or even chilled reds, which we have been served several times, even in the heart of wine-growing country.

The vinyard goes by the handle 'Vins De Taller', and does not seem to originate from any appellation, rather building their reputation independently, working with small quantities of grapes grown and processed in Siurana d’Empordà, in Northern Catalonia.

The bottle we were given several months ago was labelled MM.07, and was a combination of merlot and marselan, a French grape that is a cross between Cab Sauv and Grenache.  After spending 11 months in Hungarian and French oak barrels, it eventually found its way to Sexy Wine, our local quality wine shop.

When we uncorked it, it was evident that it was a good time to do so: the colour of the trim was just between aged orange and young purple.  We were having pizza so that suited the baked fresh tomatoes without overpowering them.  It smelt like the damp, woody vinyard atmosphere that hits you when on a visit, warm and reassuring.

After a sip of water and a bit of pizza, it was time for a taste.  We were not disappointed!  It was powerfully fruity, like strong Ribina, light for its age and with a suggestion of tannins.  We later found caremelised plums and cherries, agreeing that this was a really individual wine, and will be hard to forget.